Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magic Reindeer Food

Last year we started the tradition of sprinkling Magic Reindeer Food on our front lawn on Christmas Eve to help Santa and his reindeer find our home.

Here are the supplies that you'll need:
- Brown lunch bag
- Brown paper for the reindeer antlers
- Red pom pom ball for Rudolph's nose (or make your own with a red marker)
- Googly eyes (or make your own with white paper and a black marker)
- Gift tag poem (click here for the free printable poem)

Our reindeer food that we include in the bag consists of:
- Uncooked oatmeal
- Sugar
- Glitter (I hate glitter but as long as it stays outside my home I'll tolerate it)
- Red and green candy sprinkles
- Snack bag (you could just put your reindeer food in the brown bag but I like to make sure that glitter does not escape so we put our food in a snack bag inside the brown bag)

And here's what our finished product looks like!

We put the reindeer food out by our "Cookies for Santa" plate and our Reindeer carrot plate so that we remember to sprinkle the food on Christmas Eve.  It's such a busy night and there's a good chance we'd forget otherwise.  

PS - When we visited Santa this year, he told the girls that reindeer like to eat the carrots from the side (not from the end, like a horse).  All these years and I never knew that.  We'll have to check our carrots this year and see if there are any bites out of the side ;)

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

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Ellen said...

Hello Cathy, I found your photo of the santa place and reindeer carrot plate, WHERE on earth did you find / buy these! I just love them....Ellen

Cathy said...

Hi Ellen - I bought the Santa plate at Macy's last year and I found the reindeer plate at Bed Bath and Beyond several years ago. Not sure if they still carry it...Good luck!

Unknown said...

edible glitter or cupcake sprinkles would be nice, and won't harm any wildlife. when my grandfather was little, his older siblings would make "reindeer tracks" in the yard using a hammer, the end that pulls nails.

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