Monday, May 19, 2014

Last Day of School

The last day of school sneaked up on me this year!  I have been rushing all weekend to finish all of my projects.  Here's what I have planned:

Last Day of School Signs
I made new signs for the girls' last day of school.  I am reusing the same frame I've used in previous years that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I wrote with a Magnum Sharpie on poster board and will tape it to the inside of the frame.
Last year I took the sign to school to get a class picture with it.  My kids are still young and don't know to be embarrassed by me yet!  Although Ava is showing signs...this may be my last year I can pull off the class picture with her.  Click here to see more ideas for last day of school signs.

Graduation Day Certificates
I got the girls' Graduation Day certificates ready.  Now all I need is their last day of school photo.
Click here for a PDF link to the Graduation Day template.  Click here for an Excel copy of the template.

Car Decorations
I bought Window Markers from Dollar Tree again.  
Click here to see what my car looked like last year.

Dr. Seuss Books
This year I decided to buy the Dr. Seuss book "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" and have Sidney and Ava's teachers sign the books.  Barnes & Noble now sells books with 8 extra pages to personalize with signatures and memories.  There is also a pocket in the back inside cover for keepsakes.
If I can remember to do this every year I'll surprise them with the books at their 8th grade or high school graduation.

Teachers' Gifts
I'm reusing an idea from a couple years ago.  Click here to see the gifts.
I'm planning on sticking with basil again this year.  Instead of using a pencil, I bought Sharpie pens to stick the thank you signs to.

What are you're favorite "Last Day of School" traditions?

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