Monday, August 19, 2013

Kindergarten Here We Come!

I feel like a kid going back to school again.  Dreading the first day of school.  Starting to feel the sadness when Fourth of July rolled around, knowing that summer was half over.  Trying to distract myself with school preparation in the weeks before the first day.  Now we are mere hours away from Ava's first day of kindergarten and I think I've finally accepted that this is happening.  I'm on board now.

We met her teacher, saw her classroom, found THE backpack and matching lunch bag,  I labeled the bejesus out of every school supply we bought and of course I made her back to school sign.

If you are running out of time and need a free printable sign, there are LOTS to choose from! I love the idea of taping the sign to a ruler!
Click below for the links to the free printable signs (listed clockwise starting at the top left corner).  All of the grades are available in addition to the ones pictured above:

To celebrate Ava's first day of Kindergarten, the girls and I made cupcakes.  My girls love treats more than anyone I've ever known!

Ava and Sidney are into Bubble Guppies right now.  I used my flower and circle punches to cut out the shapes from card stock and I double stick taped them together.  Then I went into my secret sticker stash and found some Bubble Guppy stickers and stuck them on the circles.  Then I taped a tooth pick to the back of the flower and stuck them in the cupcakes. Molly is their favorite Bubble Guppy because she has pink hair so I found some pink icing for the cupcakes too!  Oh, and everything was "Sidney-Friendly" (i.e.; dairy, egg and nut-free).  Click here for the recipe.

Now I'm going to mentally prepare myself for Sidney's first day of Preschool.  Boo hoo.

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