Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Circus Flora

The circus is in town!
{But only until June 23rd so get your tickets soon!}

This was my first Circus Flora experience and I already wish I could go back.  I have wanted to take the girls to see the circus ever since I threw Sidney a Circus-themed 1st birthday party.  The day finally came!  My mom and I took all three of my girls to see the circus today for their special "Little Top" 1 hour performance.  It was the perfect amount of time and excitement for my little gang.

Here is some info on logistics:

PARKING There is a parking lot right in front of the tent that cost $5.  We arrived about 20 minutes before the performance started and there were plenty of spots in the lot.  If you want assigned seats you have to sit in one of the boxes.  

We had general admission seats.  Most of the good seats were taken by the time we got there (20 minutes before show time) but we managed to find 4 seats in the last row of the red seats behind box F.  They were perfect.  In fact, if I were to go back, I'd probably sit in the last row center stage again.  You could see everything really well and it didn't bother anyone that my kids were up and down and moving around.

I brought my umbrella stroller for Clara because I had three bags (ridiculous, I know) and couldn't carry the baby with all that junk.  In hindsight, I only needed about 30% of the stuff I packed but I hate not being prepared.  There was very convenient place where I could leave my stroller inside the tent (strollers are not allowed in the seats or aisles) and plenty of space for all my bags.

They sell food and drinks inside the tent as well as t-shirts and gifts.  I brought snacks for Sidney and Ava and no one seemed to mind.  I saw others with their own food / drinks as well.

They say the tent is air conditioned and when we arrived the ticket taker said it was cold inside and that I may need a jacket for Clara (she was dressed in a long sleeved shirt and stretchy pants with socks).  I'm not sure what he was talking about because we were all pretty warm and toasty inside the tent.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't at all cold or even cool.

Here are some pictures from the show (I had to turn off my flash so they're not the best).

 The big top
My mom with the girls (and all our bags)
They chose this little girl from the audience.  She was pretty brave to go out in front of the audience!  The circus performer transferred a spinning plate onto a stick that she was holding!!
This picture didn't turn out well but I love watching people perform with those long aerial straps.  Their strength amazes me.
The trapeze artist were the grand finale and our favorite!

This was such a fun morning with the girls.  We will definitely be returning!

PS - If you're not able to make it to Circus Flora, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus are coming to the Scottrade Center October 17 - 20, 2013.

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