Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Arts & Crafts Class @ Artmart

Have you ever been to ArtMart?  According to my mom, I went there once when I was younger but unfortunately I can only remember things that happened within the past 6 months.  I could have spent hours there!  So many art supplies and cute gift wrapping supplies and stationary and kid crafts and so much more that I was not able to check out because we had another agenda.  

ArtMart has art classes for just about everyone.  I bought a Groupon for one of their Preschool Picasso classes.  It must have been called "Painting without Brushes" because the kids painted with just about everything else: basting brushes, fake flowers, sponges, scrub brushes, necklaces, feathers, toy trucks, tennis balls (to name a few).

Basting brush
 Fake flowers
 Duck Sponge
Bead Necklace

My pictures are terrible because I forgot my camera and had to use my phone. The girls had a great time getting messy with paint.  And I enjoyed not having to clean it up!

Lots of places offer art classes for kids.  Check out their websites for more info:

Craft Alliance
Schaefer's Hobby Shop
Yucandu Art Studio
St. Louis City Open Studio & Gallery
Laumeier Sculpture Park
The Painting Paw
My Handyworks
St. Louis Artists' Guild
Foundry Art Centre
Turner Center for the Arts
LampLight Studio
Painted Zebra
That Painting Spot
Baked Goods Pottery
Glazed and Confused
The Painted Pot
Pottery Hollow

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