Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alphabet Car Game

I've been working on the Alphabet with the girls.  Ava (4 years) is working on recognizing and writing her lower-case letters and Sidney (2 years) is working on recognizing letters.  When I saw this project on Little Family Fun I knew it would be perfect.

I used card stock to make the car, road, sun and cloud.  I used a circle punch to make the wheels out of card stock.  Then I had it all laminated - everything lasts longer when it's laminated.

I also attached an envelop to the back with double stick tape to hold the "wheels" when we're done playing.

How to play:
Set out all the letters.  Say a letter and have the kids find it in upper-case and lower-case and place them on the car for wheels:

You could also say two different letters and have them find two at a time in upper-case:

Or find two lower-case letters:

Sidney is also working on identifying colors so sometimes I her her find two wheels that are the same color:

Sometimes Ava has fun just playing with the wheels and lining them up in alphabetical order too.

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