Monday, October 5, 2015

Kindergarten Halloween Party

I can't wait for Sidney's Kindergarten Halloween Party!  Here are the plan oklm, s I found on Pinterest.  And click here to see more ideas and free Halloween printables on my Halloween Party Pinterest board.

The party was broken into 4 parts and lasted 1 hour.

The kids will assemble a Monster Mix that consists of:
Witches Warts (raisins)
Little Ghosts (mini marshmallows - Ghosts poop was vetoed by the teachers!)
Skeleton Bones (pretzel sticks)
Earthworms (gummy worms)
We will have Halloween baggies to fill with the Monster Mix.

While the kids are eating their snack they can make a Ghost Pop.  Click here to see how to make Ghost Pops.

The kids will assemble Tin Can Mummies using empty soup cans, black construction paper, cheesecloth or salon coil cotton and googly eyes.  They can store any prizes they win and their leftover Monster Mix here if they don't finish it.

PART 3 - GAME #1
Each kid will have a partner and race to see who can turn their partner into a Mummy the fastest using a toilet paper roll.

PART 4 - GAME #2
We made Halloween Dice out of a cardboard box and orange wrapping paper.  An activity is listed on each side of the die: Pumpkin kick, Scarecrow skip, Witch jump, Spider crawl, Cat walk, and Ghost hop.  The kids will race against a classmate to see who can complete the activity the fastest.

Hope you have a fun Halloween!

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benilhalk said...

Amazing post!! I loved these kindergarten Halloween ideas. They are just wonderful. Will organize a party for all my little ones at one of Chicago event venues. Would love to implement these ideas for the day. Thanks for sharing.

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