Thursday, June 26, 2014

Garden Stepping Stone

Our little garden is really coming along thanks to Tim.  I think he may be addicted.  He has me running all over town looking for pots because he's run out of space to plant in the garden.  So far we've harvested a LOT of lettuce, herbs, radishes and string beans.  The cucumbers are starting to come in as well as the sugar snap peas.

I found this cute stepping stone kit on clearance at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be a fun project to do with the girls.  It came with everything I needed except the photos (of course) and a pencil, which I used to make the flower petals.  Since our garden is technically located at my brothers house, I included pictures of my kids as well as both of my brothers' kids in the stepping stone to make it a family garden.

If you want to make your own stepping stone, click here for an easy tutorial.

A couple years ago we made these cute little ladybugs using smooth, black rocks and paint pens.  They've been sitting in my desk all this time.  I thought the garden was a better place to enjoy them.

Hopefully, as we harvest more food from the garden, the girls will be excited to try some new foods.  And if they do, they can record it in their Summer Food Passports!

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