Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Paint & Brushes

Ava just pointed out that we haven't done many "at-home" art projects this summer. Instead we've been to the History Museum every week to do art projects. It sure was great being able to show up, have a bunch of art projects to pick from, make a big mess, clean up a little and then leave!

Now that the summer programs are winding down it's back to reality. Unfortunately, I'm still feeling lazy!  When Ava and Sidney asked if we could do an art project, I couldn't come up with anything spectacular.  Thank goodness these girls love to paint.  I found these fun paint brushes stashed away.

This is my new favorite washable paint - Rich Art Color.  It comes in lots of fun shades.  You can buy it at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 - $8.99.

Then to top it off, I poured some paint in spray bottles and let the girls go to town on gallery wrapped canvas  panels.  Lesson Learned: Don't add too much water to the spray bottle.  It will become a watery mess (which your kids will love but their clothes will not).

 We had to paint in the garage because it started raining as soon as we got set up on the driveway.
 I was told by our Parents As Teachers educator that the muscles in your fingers are the last muscles to develop.  For kids learning to hold a crayon or cut with scissors, strengthening these muscles is important.  Playing with sponges, Playdough, spray bottles, clothes pins, etc. are great exercises.  Here is a great article with other finger strengthening ideas.
My Parents As Teachers educator always comments on how my girls sit in a "W" position and how bad that is.  It seems almost impossible to correct.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Enjoy the last days of summer!

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