Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preschool Games

Our Parents-As-Teachers Educator, Pat, is retiring at the end of this school year :(  The girls and I love, love, love her.  We are so sad to say good-bye, but we are very happy that she's going to have more time to spend with her kids and grand kids.

Every time Pat comes to visit with the girls, she brings lots of fun, educational games. It was a very raining week last week so the girls and I had lots of time for indoor games.  Here are a few of our favorites.

Milestone Challenge Game
I posted about this game last year.  It's so super fun that I had to mention it agin!  Click here for the details.

I Spy Jar
This is a great game for helping kids to learn colors.  All you need is an empty Gatorade bottle (or similar bottle with a large opening), a bag of white rice and some small, colorful toys.  

Add the toys to the empty bottle first and then fill the bottle with rice.   Don't fill it up too high; you want the kids to be able to shake up the bottle.  When a toy appears in the rice you say "I spy something pink" and the child has to identify the pink frog.  As the child begins to learn their colors you can have them take a turn "spying" while you guess.

What's Missing
This game helps boosts your child's memory.  You can increase the difficulty as kids get older or more skilled.  You'll need 4 small toys and a small hand towel.

Show your child each toy, then cover them with the small towel (I used a burp cloth, which I always have handy these days thanks to Clara and her recent onset of acid reflux!).

While your child is cover their eyes, remove one toy from under the towel.  Remove the towel and have your child guess which toy is missing.  Add one more toy once your child masters four toys.

I also found some other fun and educational preschool games on Pinterest that you can make at home:
1.  Popsicle Stick Counting

2.  Alphabet Spoons

3.  Feed the Penguin

4.  Flashcard Hide and Seek

5.  Bean Bag Toss

6.  Popsicle Stick Matching

And lastly, these are a few games that we purchased that the girls love to play:

1.  Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

2.  The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That Game

3.  Uno Moo

Do your kids have a favorite game?  Please tell me about it!

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