Monday, March 4, 2013

This is Three

Three …
   Sings and knows all the words to the songs
   Dances like nobody’s watching
   Loves without hesitation
   Insists on doing it herself
   Talks out loud while playing pretend
   Does not want to miss out on anything
   Stands up for herself
   Counts to Eleventeen
   Questions and clarifies and wants recognition
   Talks until she’s blue in the face
   Isn’t ready to give up the “baby of the family” spot
   Wants to be covered in no less than 4 blankets, even in the summer
   Is curious 
   Is gaining confidence
   Creates, colors and paints
   Wonders when it will be Christmas and Halloween and her birthday
   Loves bubble baths and stickers
   Acknowledges others feelings
   Sleeps with her Blanky and takes her everywhere
   Wants to be read to
   Plans great tea parties
   Will swing as long as your arms can push her
   Tells Mom and Dad “Happy Birthday” every night at bedtime
   Loves her grandparents
   Looks up to her big sister and looks out for her little sister

"And though you be but little, you are FIERCE."

Hey Sidney, guess what?  I love you.
Happy Birthday

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