Monday, March 25, 2013

Sidney's Painting Birthday Party

We (finally) had Sidney's 3rd birthday party on Saturday - a PAINTING PARTY!!!  This was such a fun day.  I hope one of the girls wants a painting party again!  Here are some of the party details...

I made the invitation using card stock, colored printer paper, circle craft punches and a corner craft punch. To make the paint circles stand out, I taped them with thick foam squares.

I ordered the cake but since Sidney couldn't eat it, I made her egg-free Oreo Cupcakes.  The only change I made from the original recipe that I posted is that I added crushed Oreos (cookie only, not creme) to the cupcake batter.  The more Oreos the better!

Mason Jars and Lemonade
I bought lemonade (just the thought of having to juice all those lemons gave me arthritis) and sliced up lemons to make it pretty.  I bought the mason jars at Hobby Lobby when they had all glass items 50% off, which made them ~$0.75 each!  I found the paper straws and stamped mason jar lids at Shop Sweet Lulu.  I also found cute sticky labels at Michaels for guest to put their name on their cup.

I printed a bunch of photos of Sidney over the past year and arranged them in the shape of a number 3.  I posted the extra photos all around the house.

The Painting Room
I cleared out our sun room and set up a table with all the painting supplies - washable paint, paint brushes, paint pallets, wrapped canvas on easels, wooden objects, ceramic magnets and face painting crayons!  I also decorated the room using pictures that the girls had painted and colored that I glued to construction paper.  I gathered all the art smocks and aprons we have to help protect the kids' party clothes.  The face painting was a big hit!  Even my 16 year old niece drew designs on her arm!

Favorite Gift
Every girl needs a super hero cape!  Upon putting on her cape, Sidney gave me a sweet smile and then ran off around the house like a true super hero!  Thanks Pip and Bean!

This birthday party was definitely one of my favorites!   Happy 3rd to my Super Sidney!

xoxo, Mom & Dad

PS - Did you notice how sunny and warm it looks out the sun room windows in all the pictures?  Two days later, this is what our back yard looks like....

So much for Spring!

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