Monday, June 1, 2015

Pre-K Letter of the Week Projects

For each letter, my preschooler and I did the following: 
- art projects for the capital and lower case letters (using mostly items you can find around your house)
- writing the capital and lower case letters
- sight words beginning with the letter
- books that related to our art projects.

Click the links below for a guide for each letter:
- Letter Aa
- Letter Bb
- Letter Cc
- Letter Dd
- Letter Ee
- Letter Ff
- Letter Gg
- Letter Hh
- Letter Ii
- Letter Jj
- Letter Kk
- Letter Ll
- Letter Mm
- Letter Nn
- Letter Oo
- Letter Pp
- Letter Qq
- Letter Rr
- Letter Ss
- Letter Tt
- Letter Uu
- Letter Vv
- Letter Ww
- Letter Xx
- Letter Yy
- Letter Zz

Sidney loves looking at her big stack of letter projects.  I know we can't save them forever so I made her a Shutterfly photo book.  Click here to see the photo book.

To see more letter project ideas, check out my "Letter of the Week" Pinterest board.

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