Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer Family Fun Passport -- 2015

I updated last year's Summer Family Fun Passport.  We are officially ready for summer now!

They are very easy to make.  Start by clicking the link above to download the file on Google Drive.

I printed the front/back cover in colored printer paper and multiple copies of the inside pages in white printer paper.  Then I used my paper cutter to cut the inside pages in half.

I folded the front/back cover in half, inserted the inside pages, and stapled them together along the fold.

Then the kids can document our summer fun on the pages - where we went, who went and when we went - and draw a picture of the what we did on the field trip.  For little ones, you can print out a photo from the day and tape it to the paper.

I have a some summer-y stamps (flowers, sun, butterfly, etc.) that I'll use to stamp the back of the page (like getting a stamp in your passport) once the girls are done.  My kids still LOVE stamps!  

PS - I found another fun St. Louis Passport from stlMotherhood.  Click here to see!

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