Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dining Room Update

About a year ago I inherited my parent's old dining room table, chairs and china cabinet.  I was excited because we didn't have dining room furniture and had no plans to buy anything in the near or distant future.  I never really thought of changing the furniture until I saw some of the furniture my friend, Emily, had painted.

Emily came over and we talked about different things I could do with the furniture.  I decided I should look around on Pinterest and come back with some ideas.  This china cabinet became the inspiration for my dining room set.

Emily used this picture as a guide and I was almost speechless when I saw the results.  Emily is so talented!  Here are some "before" pictures.

Dining Table
The table has two leaves.

Dining Chairs

China Cabinet

Drum roll.....Here is what the dining room furniture looks like now!

Dining Table

Dining Chairs

China Cabinet

Dining Room Set

If you can't tell by the number of pictures I took, I am OBSESSED with this furniture! And I'm so grateful that my parent's old furniture has a new life in my house. Thank you, thank you, thank you Emily!!

If you live in St. Louis and want to get in touch with Emily, leave a comment with your email address and I'll put you in touch!

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James luca said...

Such a transformation!
I inherited a piece similar to your breakfount..... I may do a similar finish....
Thanks. It looks fabulous

Cathy said...

Thanks! Good luck with your project!

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