Monday, December 2, 2013

Mini Christmas Trees

I wasn't sure if we would be able to put up our Christmas tree this year.  Clara is going through the phase where she tears everything apart - my desk drawers, the kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathroom cabinets, the pantry.  Anything that is not child-proofed is fair game for Clara.  She is her own tiny path of destruction.

So I bought Ava and Sidney these little Christmas trees to decorate and keep in their rooms. They LOVED having a Christmas tree all for themselves!
The trees came from Micheal's.  All of their holiday stuff is marked down 30-40% off and they've had a lot of addition 25% off coupons on sale items lately.

Then the girls got down to decorating.
I found the ornaments in the picture above at Dollar Tree - they came 4 to a pack.

Most of the other decorations came from Hobby Lobby.  All of their Christmas stuff is 50% off! I bought tiny jingle bells and 1/16" red ribbon to use as ornaments.  They also had cute mini tree lights strung together (the lights don't actually work).

I found the tree skirts in the dollar section at Target and the little presents under trees came from Hobby Lobby.  They were meant to be ornaments so we just cut off the strings.

Here's one of the decorated trees!  I think this will become a new, fun Christmas tradition! Check back soon to see my Family Christmas Traditions post.

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